Our main goal is advise you on how to buy a skateboard. To this end, and given that people’s tastes in skateboards are quite different, we will focus on all their constituent parts with their respective variants. There are certain elements useful to perform only some particular activity; mostly, however, all the elements are useful to perform any activity at all, so the choice depends exclusively on your personal taste and comfort.

Skateboarding is a relatively new sport classified into the group of extreme sports, to which equipment is highly important. The skateboard is, in a way, the skaters’ favorite, and they will do anything to keep it as well equipped as possible. Thus, although the constituent parts of a skateboard don’t seem to be so significant, it is only when you ride one every day and compare it to others that you can really appreciate their value. That’s why we won’t be telling you which of them are better or primary, but we’ll give you objective advice on their functions and main differences.

This website is divided into thematic sections. To start with, we’ll get into The History of Skateboarding. In the following sections, we’ll be dealing with the general characteristics of each of the components of the skateboard: the different types of wood and possible shapes of The Board; the length, width and weight of The Axles –and how they affect the using of the skateboard–; the diameter of The Wheels, as well as the material (hard or soft) used to make them according to where you intend to use the skateboard; the rolling speed of The Ball Bearings; and the anti-sliding covering of the board, i.e. The Sandpaper. Finally, we’ll describe the different types of security accessories in Protection.

So, welcome to our Web page about skateboarding, we really hope you find the information here useful. Remember, when practicing this or any extreme sport, to be careful enough in order not to end up hurt. Thanks for your choice!

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