The axles, a.k.a. trucks, are the T-shaped metal bars below the board to which the wheels are fixed. Traditional skateboards usually have two trucks formed by three basic components, apart from screws and rubber: the axle itself, the kingpin and the hangar. The axle is what goes from one wheel to the other across the hangar; the kingpin, what joins the wing of the truck to the hangar; and the hangar, what we call chassis in a car.

The kind of truck you need depends on how and where you want to use your skate. The following list includes the most famous manufacturers of trucks, together with their most distinctive characteristics.

Independent: with 25 years of experience in the field, Independent offers nine different lines in durable light axles. “Fast Action Independent Geometry” is technology based on the design of trucks adjustable to several movements, which makes it possible to perform the tricks more quickly. These trucks come in all sizes, with a lifelong guarantee.


having an aluminum hangar, these trucks are the best to do “grinding” –even when their hangars are not that resistant and therefore have to be replaced quite often, this being the price to pay for quality. One more thing: if you decide on these trucks, you’ll need a special tool to screw them to the board.


engineering is the most outstanding feature of the trucks produced by this company, which are good for any surface or style and, besides, represent the tradition of Rodney Mullen, a skateboard legend.


these trucks are aesthetically nice and, due to their lightness and smoothness, apt for grinding. One remarkable characteristic of Phantom trucks is that both models (Phantom and Phantom 2) have a cushion to mitigate collisions. This is called "Impact Dispersion System".


Krux produces trucks which are short, and very quick indeed –even more than the GrindKing’s–, the Krux III being the quickest model. A special tool is required to fasten these trucks to the board.


Fury’s trucks are among the heaviest of all. This might seem a disadvantage; however, these trucks are wider than the rest and have a special one-screw fastening system, so their dimensional advantages balance their heavy weight.


these trucks have an old-fashioned appearance, which makes them really unique. They come in all sizes (short, medium and tall).


this company being new, its trucks aren’t easily available. These trucks have a kingpin system which allows changing the axles without removing the truck from the board.

Now you are ready to decide which of all these trucks is more convenient for you according to what you want from your skateboard. Thus, if you are thinking of using it to practice, say, two different styles, you should buy at least two pairs of trucks. The same applies to different surfaces.

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