The sandpaper is this rough material covering the top of the board so that the skater doesn’t slide. It has a sticky substance on the back by which it is adhered to the board and, as it is rectangular, it must be cut in the same shape as the skateboard. It is precisely on how to do these two tasks that we will focus next. If you’ve never done this before, you should pay special attention.

First, having unstuck a small tip of it, we put the sandpaper straight on the board "with the adhesive part downwards"; next, once the tip already adhered, we unstick the rest with one hand, while with the other we press firmly against the sandpaper with a slow outward movement, so as to avoid air bubbles. Now then, the sandpaper left over the edge of the board must be cut. How do we do this? First, we mark the outside edge with a screwdriver so that the shape of the skateboard is apparent; next, we move the leftover paper up and down to make the cut area softer; finally, we cut right through the marks... and that’s it! (Don’t forget the holes to screw the axles.)

Removing the sandpaper from a board is not impossible, yet it’s awfully tedious. In any case, perhaps it would be better to buy a new one.

Cheap sandpaper loses adherence as time goes by. However, as both good- and bad-quality sandpaper cost more or less the same, you will definitely find first-rate sandpaper which is not that expensive.

The decision whether to cover the board completely or not is yours alone. All you have to do is cut the sandpaper in the shape you prefer. Some skaters, for instance, leave drawings uncovered, or perhaps the brand of the board.

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