As it is obvious, here we will talk about the wheels of the skateboard, trying to give you the information needed for you to choose the best kind of wheels –always according to your purpose(s). A skateboard has four wheels, two in the fore part and two in the back, each of which is held by the wing of the truck. Nowadays, wheels are made from urethane, and come in different sizes –the standard measure is of 2 inches approx.– in accordance with the different styles. Free style, for instance, needs tiny wheels, which, being softer, are better for imperfect surfaces. On the other hand, in even surfaces such as those of a skatepark, namely bowls, halfs and ramps, bigger wheels are usually better, since, being harder, they allow reaching higher speeds. However, most amateur skaters don’t limit themselves to one or the other, but they practice both in the streets and in skateparks. In this case, intermediate wheels, which are neither hard nor soft, are the right ones.

The following characteristics you should consider when it comes to wheels:


wheels’ hardness is measured by means of a hard-o-meter (diamond has the higher degree of hardness =100a). The hard-o-meter is a very sophisticated instrument which is quite difficult to use, so it often happens that measurements can be inexact. Nevertheless, to be perfectly sure, we can still make use of our sense of touch, or even our nails.


it is bounce that determines both speed and quality of a wheel, making it nice to be used or not. A wheel, the more it rebounds, the higher it goes after hitting a hard surface. In terms of bounce, American wheels appear to be the best, but there are also those produced in Europe and Asia.


the center of the wheels is what allows you to turn and brake "the same as hockey on ice shoes" only that in skate wheels the center is either very tiny or there is no center at all.

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