Being an extreme sport, one important aspect of skateboarding "regardless of the surface chosen, e.g. the street, a skatepark" is body protection. You must use body protection, as you might get badly injured if you don’t (from wrist dislocation to cranium fracture, everything is possible). But there’s no reason to be alarmed, especially when skateboarding is a sport whose appeal may well come from risk. Now we are going to describe a number of security accessories. You’ll probably feel that some of them are just too much, and rightly so, perhaps. Nevertheless, we recommend that every skater should at least use the helmet, as it is the best protection against serious injury.


protecting the nape, the forehead and the ears, the helmet is crucial for skaters, as it prevents fatal accidents. It must be firm on your head, or else it might come loose. To this end, you must fasten the strap round your chin accordingly. There are several models of helmet, so surely you will find one to your liking.

Knee Pads:

in skateboarding, knees are exposed all the time. Knee pads, then, are important to protect skaters against cuts and scratches from bad falls. However, knee pads can only lessen the impacts, which means that your knees will eventually deteriorate all the same. So, considering the constant falls any skater is bound to suffer, it is advisable to see a doctor from time to time.

Wrist Pads:

when you’re a skater, spraining your wrists is as usual as annoying. Due to their special shape, wrist pads prevent wrists from spraining too much. Although at first you may feel awkward about using them, you’ll get use to it in the end.


these protect your hands against scratches, but also perform an anti-sliding function for you to grasp the skateboard easily, which is indispensable, for example, to do those tricks requiring board control.

Waist Bands:

their main function is to avoid injuries on the back "and especially on the waist". They are quite similar to those bands used by workers that load down heavy weights.

Shoulder Pads:

these protect your shoulders when you fall. However, we must admit that shoulder pads are a bit too uncomfortable for skaters.

Skate Shoes:

with anti-sliding soles especially designed for this activity, skate shoes are much too important. Being big and padded, they will avoid serious hurts when you hit your feet on the board.

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